​Rusty Brace - President


Dave Dewey - Manager

​ Cris Dewey - Second


Eddie Heider -  Head Guide


The primary means of access into Pistol Creek Outfitters for our guests is charter aircraft flown into our private airstrip. Boise is the closest commercial airport. In addition to Boise, McCall, Cascade, Salmon, Challis and Sun Valley are pick up points to and from PCO via charter aircraft.  There are several quality and very experienced charter companies that can handle your (and your game) transportation needs. Typically, the traveling hunters and their gear are picked up at the city the charter is scheduled and flown into PCO the day before the hunt starts. Costs for these charter flights vary depending on location, but typically range from $380 to $550 per flight. The type of aircraft that is typically used is a Cessna 206 or equivalent. Payment for these charter flights are made directly with the charter aircraft company.



Pistol creek was founded in 1960 by Marvin Hornback. 

In 1910, Sam Hoppins settled on the property now known as Pistol Creek Ranch. Hoppins arrived in the Middlefork country in 1892, first filing for a homestead on Loon Creek. After moving to Pistol creek, Hoppins made a living hauling supplies for various minors in the area. In 1914 he sold to Eleck Watson, and eventually moved to the Big Creek area to start his own mining operation at Copper Camp. The property during Watson's ownership was known as Risley Ranch.

​​​​​​​Pistol Creek Ranch

​​​​The Start Of Pistol Creek:​

After her husbands death, Adelaide sold the property in 1957 to Sulphur Creek Ranch owners Marv and Barbara Hornback. The Hornbacks then renamed this place, Pistol Creek Ranch. 

Hornback first started construction with a team of horses. Then the same fall he leased the USFS dozer located at Indian Creek. Bill Watson helped Hornback walk the dozer up to Pistol Creek at low water.

The property was then split into sveral lots that were put up for sale to create much-needed revenue. Many of the lots sold to frequent customers of their Sulphur Creek Ranch. When the individual parcels were sold, the buyer had the option of whether to build a one, two, or three bedroom cabin. Once purchased, the cabins were guaranteed to be built, furnished, and ready to occupy within 30 days. Hornback hired caretaker Dewey Heater and his son Don, along with seasonal help, to construct most of the cabins.